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Previous expositions in GJK

The exhibition program of the Ján Kulich Gallery is based on the basic thematic areas of the sculptor's work. Since the opening of the gallery in 2015, the following exhibitions have taken place:


  • Pillars and Vaults of the Slovak National Culture (July 2015 - May 2016)
  • Music - its Resonances and Creators (June - December 2016)
  • Family - Friends (May - October 2017)
  • From our History (May - October 2018)
  • Symbols of Folk Culture (May - October 2019)
  • The Relationship between the Home and the World (since June 2020)

The collections have pointed out significant and inspiring sources of the author's work in relation to the inner features of our spiritual culture and its representatives. The relationship between nationality, folk traditions and their reflection in sculpture, painting and graphics is still relevant today which is connected with the very meaning of his lifelong effort.



Previous exhibitions have presented the artist especially in his important inspirational areas. Logically, this resulted in the need to prepare and implement a collection of a long-term nature. The depth and importance of the artist's work required not only new but largely basic research of his work, presenting it in new, updated contexts and coherence. In this way, the new collection is primarily a continuous cross-section of the most characteristic results of his life's work and documents its diversity and individuality.

Thematic areas

of Ján Kulich's work