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The civic association (S)KUL(P)TÚRA was established with the aim of supporting, preserving and presenting the works of the National Artist Ján Kulich. Our mission is to acquaint the public with the lifelong work of the artist through regularly renewed exhibitions, but also various cultural and social activities, which we regularly organize in the gallery. The activities  of civic association also focus on publishing publications and catalogues that document Kulich's work in the context of the thematic areas of his work.

"Our goal is to preserve the legacy of the National Artist Ján Kulich and make his work, which directly affects Slovak culture, traditions, important figures and events of our past, accessible to the general public."


  • 2010: Selection from the work of Ján Kulich, Bratislava Castle, catalogue SK/EN, 170 pages
  • 2011-2012: Permanent exposition of Ján Kulich at Ľupča Castle, catalogue SK/EN, 75 pages
  • 2013-2014: Exhibition of 1150 years of script in Slovakia, Ľupča Castle, bulletin
  • 2014: cataloguing of the collective work of Ján Kulich, catalogue 200 pages
  • 2015 až 2019:  annually new expositions of the Ján Kulich Gallery, catalogue 52 pages, bulletins
  • 2015: Pillars and Vaults of the Slovak National Culture, catalogue 52 pages, posters 
  • 2016: Music - its Resonances and Creators, bulletin, posters
  • 2017: Family – Friends, bulletin, posters, banners
  • 2018: From our History, bulletin, posters, banners
  • 2019: Symbols of Folk Culture, bulletin, posters, banners
  • 2020: The Relationship between the Home and the World


  • 2015 - Introspections into the Depths of the Hidden Struggle for Slovak Language (Dalibor Karvay, Ida Rapaičová, Jozef Šimonovič and others);
  • 2015 – Christmas Eve - God Bless this Land;
  • 2016 – Robo Mikla concert;  
  • 2017 -  folk evening with Trio Geišberg;
  • 2018 - concert Slovak Tango;  
  • 2018 - poetic evening with Juraj Sarvaš - Meeting of Generations;
  • 2019 - Picnic with Ondřej Daniš;
  • 2019 – concert of the folk music Pecníks‘

Competitions for children

  • Literary competition 2016: "Are Slovak Expressions still Alive?",
  • Literary Competition 2017: "Tones of Words",
  • Literary Competition 2018 "If I were a Personality of our History, then ...";
  • Art competition 2016: "I Dreamed ...",
  • Art competition 2017: "Freedom is ..."
  • Workshops for the youngest "It's Time for a Fairy Tale" and "Draw and Play as you Hear";
  • 2015 - 2019 creative educational games for schoolchildren "Treasure Hunt", "Detective Game in the Gallery" and "Create your own Selfie"

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