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The mission of the Gallery is to preserve, process and bring the work of Ján Kulich closer to domestic and foreign visitors and to acquaint them with the wide scope and content of his work. Its significance transcends regional borders and has national cultural significance.

With the exception of the exhibition at Bratislava Castle in 2010, which was organized by the family, Ján Kulich did not have a representative exhibition for more than a quarter of a century. During this time, new generations have grown up that know nothing about our important sculptor - at most what someone has managed to push through the media to the public.

Now, finally, everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with his work directly and thus create an image of the work, which was to remain hidden, forgotten or systematically scandalized, and finally, literally erased from Slovak art history.

The work of prof. Ján Kulich is without any doubt an important part of Slovak culture. He was deeply convinced that everything he created, belonged to Slovakia. With few exceptions, his life's work has been preserved in its entirety. It consists of almost 3,700 works, including wooden statues from childhood, drawings, sketches, paintings, medals, reliefs, sculptures and the last portrait, forming the focus of the gallery's collection.

The idea of making Kulich's works accessible to the general public in his birthplace arose during his lifetime. The Gallery was built thanks to the significant and fundamental help of Železiarne Podbrezová.

The modern gallery building, in its own right worth a visit, is placed in the middle of the village, between the school and the Evangelical Church. The memorable historical place - where the Evangelical rectory once used to stand and was the birthplace of the writer Terézia Vansová - symbolically resembles a newly built wall. The dark anthracite paving leads in one line from the exterior wall, through the gallery interior and from it again emerges to the sidewalk by the road. It thus symbolically connects the past with the future through the presence of the artistic legacy in the art works of Ján Kulich. 

„... Don't forget your own memory. It happens in history that memory which is too heavy, causes disaster. But even a greater tragedy is the loss of memory. Memory is a force gravity. Without memory, you are like a piece of dust, which is blown away by the sway of the fly's wing and the breath of the calf. A society devoid of memory cannot be a nation, just a conglomeration of easy women and even easier men. And we truly didn't deserve that. Even though we served too much... ”

 --Milan Rúfus, in his speech before the Star of the Millennium program, November 19th, 1989

In addition to the exposition of Ján Kulich's work, gradually assembled into several areas of his lifelong major themes, the gallery implements educational programs (not only) for children and youth, creative workshops and prepares other cultural projects. The large garden provides space for various cultural and social events.

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Premises for rent

You can use the gallery premises to organize an event, wedding, celebration, photo shoot or other event. Find out more about our offer or arrange a meeting with us, we will be happy to introduce you to all possibilities. 

For children and schools

In the gallery we organize creative and knowledge games, thanks to which the younger generation will get acquainted with the work of Ján Kulich and learn more about our culture and traditions. See our offer for schools and children.